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An Introduction

I’m a brand communications professional, working with brands to amplify and examine how to connect and engage with the press and influencers through traditional public relations and social media. Alongside this, I’m passionate about the future of the workplace – changing the way we work in a professional environment that’s more connected and measurable than ever before.

Weaved into my everyday job is a passion to make change through social enterprise. In the last 10 years I’ve worked advising social enterprises globally on PR and social strategy. Social enterprise and triple bottom-line businesses can radically change the way the develop and developing world connect with each other – as an advocate for social change, I’m passionate about how new technology, generations and a more connected world can help this process to flourish.

It’s not easy being green. It’s not easy being red, white, green, pink or blue, but frankly the passion for change, and positive progress is inspiring. To read more, visit my blog ‘Progress‘ where I keep a finger on the pulse in the social enterprise world.


  • Media relations

  • Social media marketing

  • Public relations practice

  • Copywriting

  • Creative strategy

  • Social enterprise

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Cats


Key Skills

Whilst life is a journey of learning, there are key skills I’ve picked up along the way. These may chop and change, but what matters is honesty. Innovating yourself is a key part of developing for the future.

An essential part of the modern PR landscape is to understand media and influencers alike, knowing how to approach them and forging relationships to assist with the work we do.

I also accept that I know nothing about cats.


Don’t just take my word for it

"I'd recommend Anton for any position and if he didn't have to move back to the UK, he would still be working with me!"

− Amy Robinson, LEWIS PR

"It's just great to work with Anton. He is not only passionate and creative in his work but also he knows about his stuff. "

− Maria Jose Serres, PEER 1 Hosting

"Anton is a true social animal and a professional in every sense in using the power of social media for brands."

− Faye Hawkins, First Base Communications

"Anton is great to work with. He's fun, creative, passionate, organised and he's the life and soul of the office."

− Rob Latham, Champion Communications

"Anton is an amazing colleague who shows up to work everyday with a smile on his face."

− Holly Sherlock, PEER 1 Hosting

"Anton is truly an impressive worker and an outstanding individual to share an office with."

− Trish DaCosta, LEWIS PR

"Anton demonstrates excellent drive and initiative, coupled with great creativity."

− Marrissa Meyer, Formula PR

Words to live by

Our legacies must embody investing in the invisible accounts of those that follow us; seeking to make the difference, no matter how small. To move from a position of success to significance, not that we may be significant, but releasing the talents and potential of ordinary people who would go on to perform the extra ordinary, for within each of us live our visions and dreams, each needing the fuel of passion.

However the demons of doubt, delay, discouragement, distraction and disappointment are hot pursuits that follow behind. In daring to dream we must become over-comers.

What we do counts, who we become from it really matters